She just looks like a huge pain in the ass. Just like the race card gets yanked out whenever someone doesn’t get what they want or things don’t go their way, women are increasingly using their gender to accuse people of not treating them fairly. While both racism & sexism happen, IMO the vast majority of accusations are pure B.S.

I’m going with this girl having bad vibes and being an undergrad with little to no raw talent or experience. 

I’m sorry but she is full of isht. She’s throwing the tata card and I don’t appreciate it. THIS is why we’re not taken seriously. I am here for equality but this wreaks of entitlement. You don’t walk into an interview looking like that. I don’t care how talented you are but if you can’t maintain the modicum of professionalism needed to boost your candidate status at an interview then you’re a liability.

The hair, the makeup – the whole outfit isnt suited for a professional interview – period. I would not have hired her.
Further she sounds entitled. Just because you applied and interviewed doesn’t mean you’ll get the position.
And she was late?

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