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Check out the 149th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance which went live this morning. Frank, did an awesome job of organizing and hosting this edition, love the theme and the pictures.

All the articles were good, but the following articles resonated with me:

  • MomAdvice presents This American’s DreamAmy Allen Clark shares an motivating post about their completed journey out of debt and what it means to their family.
  • Rather-Be-Shopping presents 5 Ways to Survive on One IncomeKyle James writes that having a parent at home with the kids is often more doable then you might think. These personal glimpses into lives of others provide a great backdrop to give us perspective about our own decisions.
  • Feminist Finance presents Equal Pay Dayf.f. shares about getting equal pay for women. LOVED LOVED THIS POST!!!!
  • Finance Gets Personal Next Year Will Be DifferentFinance Girl writes that it is time to get organized for next year’s tax season! This is key as we’re doing the same thing, no more waiting till November to get prepared for next year.

Personal finance bloggers ROCK! Enjoy!

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