A very important question, since everybody who is interested in a healthy diet will sooner or later stumble across super foods. As a matter of fact – there is no scientific definition. “Superfood” is actually a buzzword, which is hyped by the marketing industry.

But let’s take a closer look at these presumably super foods. Are superfoods all smoke and mirrors or do they really have a significant impact on our health? This short article will give you some insights.

Super Food – nutrition or medicine?

The term “superfood” includes all types of foods that have a high concentration of nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and trace elements. Thus, eating these superfoods can have a very positive impact, both our physical and our psychological well being. If you ask expert nutritionists – for example David Wolfe – the answer is clear: Superfoods are both food and medicine.

In his newest book “Superfoods – The food and medicine of the future” Wolfe introduces 17 different superfoods, like cocoa, spirulina, bee products and hemp seeds with their proficiency profiles, history and various ways to prepare them.

According to superfoods believers, there is another attribute which makes these foods so special. It is not only their very high concentration, but also the special composition of their healthy nutrients. As a supplement to our normal diet, these foods deliver the exact amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fats our body needs – which is truly great! But there are quite a few critical opinions about this topic, which should be put into consideration …   

Superfoods – a genius marketing tool & strategy    

It is a scientifically proven fact that eating a pomegranate will not only reduce your blood pressure for a short period of time but also reduce the oxidative stress; two significant risks of heart diseases. Also other superfoods, like raspberries, beetroot, hemp seeds and cacao have proven beneficial effects on our health.

But the extreme media hype around foods like these can create a wrong general picture about the entire subject of healthy eating. A very well researched and written article about this point of view can be found on the website of the “European Food Information Council” in which this very valued concern is stated:

“Labeling some foods as ‘super’ in the media may also give the impression that other foods in our diets are not as healthy when, in reality, these foods often provide nutrients just as valuable as those found in superfoods.

The bottom line: eat healthy!

Today, all around the world, the same number of people suffer from hunger as others do from obesity. The focus on a general healthy diet for all is essential. This does not only count for those who really need to take care about their fitness levels, like pro athletes, or about their perfectly shaped bodies like elite companions (a great example for the latter are the ladies of a VIP escort agency!).

A healthy and well balanced diet in combination with regular fitness is the key to good health and well-being. Superfoods surely play an important part in this. Just as many other foods! If you buy seasonal and regional products and eat them as fresh as possible, these foodstuffs build the fundamentals of a better, healthier life.

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