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One of the most interesting lessons I’ve learned recently is how to make yourself indispensable to an organization while making your boss look good.  This my friends is key to making yourself valuable.  Some of you may think it’s not your job to make anyone look good, this post isn’t for you.  For the rest of you who want to keep your job in this economy?  Read on.

Work ethic seems to be something missing from today’s generation.  I often hear about what people will and won’t do at their jobs because they hate their bosses or because they just plain won’t do it.  The following tips will help you get out of reverse as it relates to your job search and/or relationship with your company boss.

Fix Your Attitude
Employers like to deal with people who have a positive can do attitude and if you lack this then it’s really easy to lay your  name on the chopping block.  No one owes you anything, not even a reason as to why they would let you go, so don’t give your boss one.  Your bad attitude translates into how you interact with your coworkers and even your boss and in a season of pink slips and dwindling unemployment, bring your best face to work or get sent home.

Be Flexible
Your job isn’t just about you, but also about the needs of the business.  I think it’s easy to decide that you’ll walk into your place of business, do exactly as on your job description and any deviation from it is met with a “that’s not my job” with a few bobble head movements.  Check your attitudes and intentions.  Stepping up on a task outside of your job description might make you eligible for a promotion due to stepping up and showcasing your abilities.  But you’re too busy working so hard to stay in your current position that you don’t realize that you will do just that or even worse lose it to someone else willing to step up without questions.

Be Ready to Make Sacrifices
Let’s say you’re working on a project but need to work late.  But wait, your girlfriends are waiting on you to catch up over dinner and you haven’t seen them in a long while.  I won’t tell you what to do but I will say that you should consider which of these options is enduring and which could be yanked away with the presentation of a pink slip.  Phone in a rain check with the girlfriends.

Focus On How To Make Your Boss Look Good (Which Means Feeling Good About You And Your Work!)
What is the most important thing to your boss as it relates to your job?  How can you make them happy by achieving these goals?  Even if you feel that your boss is impossible to please, make it your goal to become a diligent employee and own your work area.  Excel in whatever the assignment by developing a deep work ethic that identifies you and only you as the master behind the work your produce.

Let Go of Bitterness and Entitlement
After conducting several interviews over the last few months, terminating a few people and watching others give themselves the permission to leave (perfectly fine by me), I’ve realized that the common thread. The air of bitterness and entitlement.   I cannot tell you how much of a turn off this is when dealing with someone on a daily basis.

Understand that no one owes you anything but you.  If you’re bitter about your salary, job description or coworkers, move on.  No one wants to deal with your problems on the job since that’s a personal situation and this is business.  The less you expect, the more you receive.  We all deserve the best but you do have to show why you are the best by putting for forth a positive can do “get it done” attitude.  Leave your problems in a box at the door if you can’t deal with them in a constructive manner.

Question:  How have you made yourself indispensable at your place of employment?


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