Recently, my husband and I decided it was time for us to get started on expanding our family.  However as the title of the post implies, we’ll have some difficulty doing so naturally.  Today I set out to find more information on insurance plans that cover infertility since my husband’s employer does not cover treatment at this time.

I’m a little sad, because of the possibility of this situation being harder than I imagined.  After all I’ve read numerous infertility blogs over the years to understand the pain the women go through when trying to conceive.  And, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to thinking “what if we had children right after we got married?”  But I know better, I’ve enjoyed the last 5 years together kid free.  Seriously.  LOL

So where do we go from here?

Employer/Group Insurance Plan

Well his insurance doesn’t cover treatment, something about only covering medically necessary procedures so I guess trying to have a baby with faulty plumbing doesn’t count.  The head of HR from hubby’s job said that at this time they don’t offer such a plan and there isn’t the possibility of adding on a supplemental plan either.  So there’s that.

I could have joined my previous employer’s plan that covered treatment earlier this year but I had no intention of continuing with them past September and since we won’t try until next year….well you get my point.

That said,  I had my new job lined up from earlier this year (unbeknownst to my last employer) and I believe their health insurance benefits cover fertility treatments but with the open season coming up there and my new hire status I should know something soon.

Private/Individual Plans

We are still looking into this option but so far that is a no go.  Something about pre-existing conditions which I’d thought was covered with the new ObamaCare (again excuse my sarcasm) but apparently not.  I really haven’t researched this fully so forgive my ignorance.


This seems to be the most promising option which will cost us around $12,000 if we go with Shady Grove Fertility.  I do need to get back with my GYN, who is also a fertility specialist to find out the total cost with his shop as I would prefer to go through this process with them since we have an established relationship.  Since we don’t want to start trying until late Summer 2011 we will exhaust all other options until then and if necessary drop the $12k needed.  At which point, we will go for twins 🙂  This is a one time deal and the shop will be locked after this experience.


Of course, the fertility clinic pushed their financing options on us but I am not open to financing  $12k at this time.  I would rather pull the money from savings or create a separate savings fund for it.  Sure it means we could start IVF cycles sooner but I am really not trying to get into more debt trying to have a baby.

I think that’s it for now.  I need to go sit in a corner some where and process all of this.   Of course, some of my questions revolve around the lack of insurance options and how do everyday people pay for this since I see so many women going through what seems like multiple cycles.

If you have any information or resources to share, please do, I’d be happy to look them over 🙂

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