Couponing has increased in both interest and practice over the last few years due to many families falling on  hard times.  For example, Thanksgiving forces many families to consider how to feed at least 5-25 people on a budget.  Yikes!  That’s alotta moolah!

We tell you how to do just that in today’s article.

Using Thanksgiving as an example, here are some tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck when cooking for a large group or just basic tips getting started with extreme couponing which helps you save money on groceries.

Thanksgiving Tips/ Deals:
If you need to save money on Thanksgiving this year, the following tips are pretty useful:

  • Host a potluck Thanksgiving where each family is responsible for bringing a main dish and dessert.  This eases the burden on one family having to host and  bear the full cost of feeding several people at one time
  • Break out the coupons!  This is one of the few times I think extreme couponing applies.  If you happen to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner on your own (no other family helping out) then you’ll need to do the following to get maximum bang for your buck on supplies:

How To Extreme Coupon To Save Time And Money

  1. Get a coupon binder.  QueenBeeCoupons has a fantastic binder with tabs which makes it easy to keep everything organized
  2. Create a list of all foods and ingredients you will need based on your final menu.
  3. Decide what you already have and what you’ll need to stock up on
  4. Scour the Internet for your desired coupons (For example:  Google: Sara Lee Strawberry Lemon cake + coupon).  The Grocery Game is also a fantastic place to start.
  5. Figure out your local grocery store’s double coupon day.  For example, Harris Teeter’s is on Tuesdays so you’re able double your manufacturer’s coupon in addition to using their coupons/sale pricing available
  6. Match the coupons and stock up on what’s necessary for your mean and even the items that you regularly use.
  7. Finally, check the following sites for specific coupons for your Thanksgiving dinner.  For other items, check the manufacturer’s website.

Short and sweet?  That’s how we like it!  Let us know if we missed anything in the comments!

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