Broken engagement?  Recent divorce?  Or maybe you need some extra cash.  Pull up a seat, we’ve got a solution for that!

Life happens right?  So you may be faced with selling old or suddenly regretful jewelry but lots of people are on the fence about selling their once beloved pieces. The main reason for this is that there’s a prevalent belief that selling jewelry is a frustrating and time consuming process. If you have ever thought about selling your diamond ring for example, you’ll be relieved to know that by following a few simple guidelines, the process becomes much simpler and less bumpy.

Probably the most important thing you should be aware of before selling any kind of jewelry is being aware of its true worth before delving deep into the market looking for buyers. If you don’t know an accurate approximation of what your old diamond ring is truly worth, you are taking a huge risk and wasting lots of time.

Get your diamond evaluated by an impartial diamond grader (preferably the GIA).  Diamond jewelry can be a bit tricky to sell properly. Having a diamond accurately appraised is something that can’t be done without the proper skill set and tools.

diamond lighthouse1Probably your best bet in this case is to sell your diamond jewelry online. There are trustworthy online sites such as Diamond Lighthouse where you can sell your diamonds online .  If you intend to sell your diamonds by using an online site, make sure that you are selling to a reputable one before making any significant decisions. Online forums and review sites are your best friends in this situation.

There is one more important point to make about pre-owned jewelry: it is generally not as valuable as new. Some particular pieces of jewelry are even hard to sell because they are pre-owned.

Take engagement rings for example; some people will never buy a previous owned engagement set for many different reasons. Pre-owned jewelry that is out of style can never be sold for a premium price. Remember that jewelry is an industry primarily driven by style.

Some styles are timeless and will most likely stay around for decades, while others will be part of trends that will disappear in less than a few months. The other end of the spectrum is that the jewelry could be a valuable antique. Antique jewelry can be highly collectable but it may be only sold by specific means. Pay attention to that if you are going to sell your jewelry.

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