Creative Commons License photo credit: crowt59

Paying $4/gallon is pretty much a reality for many of us across the nation right now as gas hit another record high over the weekend. We took a trip to NYC for mother’s day and it took $70 to fill up an almost 19 gallon tank! I gasped as this was the first time I’d ever paid so much for one tank of gas. There was a time when that would have been two weeks worth but now that has more than doubled. What will you do?

I am definitely feeling the pinch and ready to get a bike and take a metro where ever I need to go at this point. The cost is one thing but it is also the feeling that we’re being duped by forces we have no control over, not even who we elect in November. So what are you doing to combat the constant increase in gas prices? I get the feeling that no matter what we do to save on gas, unless we completely give up our cars in favor of public transportation, the savings won’t keep up with the increasing prices.

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