Welcome to the 236th Festival of Frugality, True Blood Happy Hour Edition.   I am excited to host this weekly edition and ongoing installation of the best articles on Frugality within Personal Finance. If you’re a fan of True Blood, then I think you’ll like this week’s theme!

Vampire King Picks

Finance 101: Introduction to Bonds Lesson 1

  • Bloody sweet post detailing how to save even more money by giving a thorough fangbanger primer on investing in Bonds.

Stay Cool When Saving Money on the Electric Bill

  • Fangbanger approved post on how to stay cool during the summer heat wave.  You know we get busy at night!

How to Save Money on Your Summer Vacation

  • Favorite of the Vampire King picks, fangbangers and vamps alike need vacations too!

Fangbanger’s Delight’s

Checked Baggage Fees List

  • Wanderlust Journey shares a timely post about checked baggage fees during the summer travel season.

In OR Out Burger?

  • RichlyReasonable reminds us that eating in not only saves money but can be a great stress reliever as well.

Sweet Tea: A Cheap Alternative to Soft Drinks but Tastier than Water

  • ProvidentPlan extols the virtues of sweet tea and while it may not be as healthy as pure water, it sure is a great alternative to soft drinks

Tax Holidays for Back to School Savings

  • Wealth-Builder teaches us how to save during back-to-school season

Learning to Say “No” to Your Kids

  • MoneyNing gives important lessons in how to say no to your children

I hope our happy hour specials were delightful, thanks for stopping by.  If you like what you see, come on back now—>Subscribe Here or Follow Me On Twitter

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