Earlier this week the post, Reason #423 Why You Should Check His Credit went live on this site.  What followed was angry commentary from men who were no less than PISSED that I advocate that a women be financially knowledgeable about a man’s finances before saying I DO.

First, let me clear a few things up about this blog:


  • This blog is obviously written by a woman, and that would be me, Ginger.  It is written by a woman for women on the topics of personal finance and everything that goes along with it.  Why?  I find that women are often left out of the equation when discussing this topic as issues that pertain to them are seldomly addressed.  Therefore articles are written from my perspective.
  • My intent here is not to compete with Money Magazine, Kiplingers, et. al.  or any other personal finance blogs for that matter.  I leave the laser analysis of current financial news up to them.  I provide commentary, advice and discussions on articles within the realm of personal finance that affect women.  This blog is written in my voice and has Ginger stamped all over it.  
  • Yes, one of my mantras is that women should ask to check their mate’s credit report before walking down the aisle.  Why?  This prevents issues down the line and everything is laid on the table so that each partner can make an informed decision.  Marriage is much more than butterflies and a wedding.
Ive received emails from men resenting the latter of the above-mentioned points because they think:
  1. Women have no right to ask about their financials
  2. Women doing this are often going behind their mate’s back (I have NEVAH advocated secrecy in checking his credit)
  3. They are bothered by women wanting to know about their finances and knowing more than they should
  4. One email said that his GF would never know anything about his finances, even after they are married.
  5. Another guy said he was just altogether bothered by the idea of women being “empowered financially” because he is still paying alimony.
What is it about women learning about money in ways that it will empower them that makes men so uncomfortable?  Why all the backlash? 

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I don’t advocate secrecy and therefore the credit check should happen with the knowledge of each partner and if one refuses then that would be a red flag for me.  I am not that desperate to unknowingly marry my good credit with a potential bankruptcy, not gonna happen.  I am serious about my money, and you should be too!

Why do I discuss this?  Because women tend to discount themselves and their value in relationships.  They often think that since the man (sometimes) makes more that they should have the right to ask such questions OR they just want the ring, let’s be honest.  Some of us are also socialized to believe that men go out make the money and invest it while we are to sit at home and spend it.  But in 2009 that’s all changing.

If you’re a guy and you read this blog, great, but don’t expect me to offer you cookies and warm milk while I massage your ego.  I am by no means anti-man or whatever you call it, but I am PRO-WOMAN in that I believe women should be armed with financial information that will help them break glass/financial ceilings one stiletto at a time.  If you have a problem with that, then you are more than welcome to unsubscribe, but this blog and it’s readers will go on.

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