Many women who work outside the home and have a family have trouble balancing their work and home life. But, it can be done, and successful businesswomen have already laid out a patch for others. Here’s what you need to know.

Define “Success”
What does success mean to you? It’s important that you have a clear vision of that. Not everyone thinks of success as having a lot of money. Sure, money is a component of success, but it’s not the final measure of it.

For some, success means having the freedom to travel once a year. For others, success means making a significant contribution to their own profession. Still others define success as raising a family and saving enough to become self-reliant and live near their children when they get old.

Define Work and Personal Time
Draw a line between work and personal or home life. This is important. Many families are broken up, or seriously damaged, by the fact that mom works all day and then brings her work home with her.

That’s a problem when your children need alone time with you. Or, when your spouse needs alone time with you.

By defining work and home life, you create a clear separation, and you avoid risking your marriage for work. At the same time, you don’t want your home life to ruin your career, because this is how you will find deep and meaningful happiness when it comes to productive work.

Build A Support Network
Having a support network of friends and family is also a good idea. Who will be there when times are tough? When you need help balancing your work and home life, it’s nice to be able to call on a friend or your parents to help you through stressful situations.

Manage Your Location
Not only should you manage your work and home life, you should manage your locations as well. When you’re young, you’re more able to travel unencumbered. When you have a family, taking children with you everywhere is much trickier.

Additionally, when you’re more open to travel as a young adult, you’re better positioned to take advantage of work opportunities which might not be available later on in life. Early promotions, time paid into your job, and difficult or stressful work assignments are easier to handle when you’re 20 than when you’re 40 and have a family.

Have a Shared Vision Of Success
If you don’t have a shared vision of success with your spouse or partner, you may find that you’re risking more than your career. Legal specialists like Slater and Gordon make sure their clients are acutely aware that a divorce can have serious and significant financial consequences for both parties.

A division of finances is inherently complicated when there is significant wealth involved. How does one separate out frequent flier miles, fine china, artwork, and a large estate?

And, that doesn’t even factor in how pension pots might be divided up.

When you and your spouse have a shared vision, you’re working with one another, instead of against one another.

Nancy Singleton occupies a senior role providing business planning information. She likes to share her insights online> Nancy’s posts mainly appear on business and lifestyle related websites.

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