If this offends someone. Good.  That means you’re doing something wrong and should read the rest to make sure you’re not making dumb money moves that typically lead us to Judge Mathis’ or Judge Judy’s court room.

Seriously, I can’t tell you how many women show up on a judge show begging to be compensated for something they should have never done with a recent paramour.  Read on to find out if you’re one of them:


Please Don’t Buy Him Furniture

If you’re not engaged to be married then you have no business buying a guy furniture that you don’t or won’t live with in the near future.  Why?  It’s just common sense.  He gets the benefit of a large purchase that you won’t enjoy, especially if you’re not in a committed relationship.

Personally, I’d need to be engaged or married to make such a large purchase.  If he’s able to have you making large purchases at an early stage in the relationship then you can be sure that every time he looks at you there’s a huge SUCKER sign on your forehead.

Stop Lending Money You Can’t Afford To Lose

I dare you to watch any of the judge shows and not find a woman on there that lent money to a lover who then stiffed her on the repayment claiming it was a gift.  Lending money to a new boyfriend is a surefire path to end up on a judge show.   You’re not a bank.  If Bank of America won’t take a risk to help him buy rims then why should you?

Don’t Share Bank Accounts If You Don’t Share His Last Name

As a boyfriend he has no responsibility to you.  Husband, yes.  Boyfriend, no.  Mixing money before marriage is another way you might be playing the wife role with no real tangible benefits other than subsidizing his life with your paycheck.  This all sounds harsh and it might even hurt to see yourself in some of these examples but it’s better to hurt reading this than to have your actions hurt your wallet later while being humiliated in court.

There’s nothing wrong with being a kind girlfriend but understand that making life financially easier for him isn’t your job.  That’s his.  Continue to live your life and resist the urge to play a role that he hasn’t made official in your relationship.


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