The transition between youth and adulthood is pretty fuzzy for most of us. But then we have experiences that remind us that our days of being a kid are long gone. Maybe it’s the first time you have to change a diaper, or when you decide to call it a day at 9:30 PM on a Friday. Everyone gets older, and nowhere does this feel more obvious than when approaching your personal finance life.

Money makes everything more complicated, and complications are a big part of adulthood for most. Here are five financial signs that you’ve entered the world of the grown-ups.

  • You Have or Are Thinking About Getting, Life Insurance. Life insurance is for responsible people who take care of other people in some way or another. Some single, unattached adults may have reason to forego life insurance, but it’s a necessity for most. This financial product is a great source of peace of mind for people who buy it, but you can be sure that if you’ve ever Googled “term life insurance rates”, you’re absolutely an adult type person.
  • You Save For Important Stuff. Saving is not limited to adults, but you can be sure that if someone is saving for a home, additional education, a minivan, or other major purchases – this person is almost certainly not a child. Kids who save this way have a great start in life, but may as well be considered honorary adults anyway.
  • You Have “A Portfolio”. Simple investment terms like “portfolio” are often mysterious to people who aren’t very old. It takes experience and sophistication to create a strong portfolio. Even if you have a portfolio that’s nothing special, you’re still ahead of most adults. Investing doesn’t mean you’re a fuddy duddy, but it almost always means you have entered the land of the somewhat-aged.
  • You Budget. Budgeting is one of the best aspects of getting older. Sure it’s not sexy, but budgeting is almost always associated with financial freedom. People budget to get out of debt, make sure they spend beneath their means, to open up extra cash for saving, and other reasons as well. Some kids budget, but you only get truly sophisticated in this regard when you are past your last growth spurt.
  • You Aren’t Always Broke. This one is controversial because some grown up folks are broke through no mistake of their own. However, people who aren’t broke and don’t become broke are usually either rich people/kids, or they are mature people who have learned not to spend more money than they have. It’s nice to leave the college days when you don’t have any money to do or buy much of anything. This is definitely one of the perks of being a financially savvy grown up.

Not every aspect of getting older is pleasant; in fact, most aren’t. On the other hand, getting your personal finances together is amazing, and has tons of secondary benefits. If you relate to any or all of the above, you’re probably over the age of 18 (or even 30), but you should be proud that you’ve figured this much out!

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