I know, you’re thinking didn’t I just create a budget in Day 7?  Yes, you did and congratulations because that is the first step to making this process hands on!

But today, we’re going to tweak things, just a bit.  You may have just listed all of your expenses and income without real consideration for where you can tweak your budget in different areas to save you more money.  If you thought after reviewing your budget that you need more money in one area, then the answer is to cut back in others.

Ideally you should have a spreadsheet that automatically adjusts as you make changes, if not, check out Day 3, pick one and then come back here.

As you plug in your expenses, look carefully at the expenses that can be reduced even further.  This is while keeping in mind that you don’t need to go cold turkey in an area like eating out, but think long and hard about whether or not that happy hour or $75 dinner with friends is worth sacrificing your goal.


  • Look at all discretionary spending.  This includes everything that isn’t necessary: eating out, shopping, gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, Groupon purchases etc
  • Keep your goals top of mind as you make your decisions about what stays and what should go
  • Build in “fun money”.  All work and no play creates a knee jerk reaction during the next pay period where you’ll blow all of your progress because you’ve been limiting yourself.

If you’re new or just joining us, you can recap here:

Everything should be on the table for this to be a successful budget!  Trim the fat and report back!

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