These tips really apply to anyone but since we’re focused on women’s money issues we’ll go with “single woman money tips” today.

Believe it or not your personal finance goals are very different when single.  If you’re planning on getting married in the future, now is the time to lay the foundation.  It’s OK to make mistakes now because you’ll learn the lesson and hopefully not make the same ones once you get married.  Focus on managing your money and making it work for you like a well oiled machine.

  • Save at least 20% of your income
  • Stash your cash away in your emergency fund (6 months)
  • Create a budget that works for you
  • Reduce and eliminate debt
  • Set up a retirement plan
  • Start saving for various money goals:  wedding fund, baby fund etc for all the associated expenses that come with these life events

All of the above-mentioned requires having a certain level of insight about your money management skills.  To that end, I came across a set of questions on Heather Lindsey’s blog and answering these questions really help you gain insight into how you view money and how your future partner views money as well.  She has slew of questions that you should ask your partner before getting married so check it out.

For our purposes, I’ve excerpted the questions about personal finance from her site:


  • I think money is?
  • Spending money is hard/easy for me because?
  • The biggest waste of money is?
  • The best investment of money is?
  • I have [ ] in personal debt.
  • I use credit cards for?
  • I think car loans are?
  • Saving up to buy big ticket items is?
  • My savings plan is?
  • My retirement plan is?
  • The way I feel about tithing is?
  • I hope my spouse is a: saver, spender, somewhere in between.
  • On a scale from one to ten, financial security is [ ] in importance to me.
  • I want to save up to buy a?
  • The kind of house I want to own someday is?
  • Other items I hope to own are?
  • Charities I want to contribute to are?


Write these down and spend a few days answering them and be honest in your replies!  Usually the first thing that comes to mind is where the truth lies.  If you’re dating someone and serious enough to discuss money issues, then use this as a way to discuss their views about money.  See how well they match up with your own views.  This should help you decide how aligned you are in your respective money goals and thoughts around money management.

Looking at the list above, what is the hardest question to answer?  Why?



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