Doing laundry eats up a lot of energy and is responsible for a good share of your monthly bills. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to save on energy in the laundry room. Here are five to get you started:

Wash in Cold Water

80% of the energy used by your washing machine goes into heating water. While you may be under the impression that hot water washes more effectively, truth is, by using a powerful cold-water detergent, you’ll get great results – and save a lot of energy and money in the process!

Always Do Full Loads

This will demand some organization, but it will be worth it. Try and always do full loads – in your washing machine as well as in your dryer. Your laundry home appliances will take up as much energy for doing small or big loads. Might as well do only big loads and use them less often!

Use the Dryer As Least As Possible

Not only is your dryer quite energy-consuming – the second most energy-hungry home appliance after the refrigerator – it also damages your clothes. Line-dry your load as often as you can. If you do not have a yard or if it the weather is not appropriate, invest a few bucks in a drying rack and dry your clothes indoors.

Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Filter

Your dryer will work extra hard if its filter is packed with lint – not to mention that it can also be dangerous, for it could cause a fire. Clean the filter after every load. And once every couple of weeks, take off the filter and vacuum the inside of the dryer, using the long, slim end of your vacuum cleaner. It might be a good idea to get your dryer checked up by a professional once a year and get a good home appliance repair if needed.

Use Aluminum Foil As A Replacement For Dryer Sheets

This little trick will not shrink your energy bill, but it will spare you some laundry related expenses! Granted, dryer sheets smell nice; But they are an unnecessary expense. As a matter of fact, you can get rid of static cling simply by throwing an aluminum foil ball in the dryer with your laundry. It costs next to nothing and is as good as dryer sheets to remove static. Each aluminum ball can be used about 10 times until you have to change it.

Caroline Simpson is a freelance blogger/writer, a translator and a travel addict who’s always looking for ways to make life easier.

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