In today’s technologically advanced society, it’s really easy to start a business once you know exactly what you want to do.  After you’ve sat down and teased out your ideas and formulated a savvy business plan, it’s now time to consider how you’ll market the baby you just birthed.

What’s that I hear?  If I build it they will come?  That’s the first fatal mistake many business owners make.   Let’s check out 3 ways you can promote your new business.

Social Media




What do they all have in common?  They are the largest and most popular social media sites where customers, friends and family connect with each other around common interests.  There’s money to be made when social media marketing is done right for your business.  Start by opening an account and then asking your friends and family to follow your accounts.  Then have them share the content so that their friends and family will see it and do the same.  Start a blog and share that content because this gives your customer more insight into who you are and what you’re about.

Business Cards

Instant Print Flyers are a great way to bring your advertising live and in living color.  These are produced on demand with lots of creativity only limited by your imagination.  Use these to get the word out locally in your community for events, workshops or to give out more information about your product.

Networking events

This is an opportunity for you to connect with your customers and people who will create word of mouth advertising for you.  In the world of business referrals this is GOLD.  Check out sites like and chat with organizers about sponsoring a Meetup based on a related topic.  You’ll have a captive audience willing to watch you put your business on display and perhaps even give you feedback.

Utilize all 3 tips and be persistent and consistent in the pursuit of your business’ promotion.  This is key.  Don’t give up because you aren’t seeing traction when you want to at that moment.  Continue to engage your customers and solicit feedback while giving them what they want.


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