We all know it is.  Look at Will and Jada and then there’s Beyonce and Jay Z.  Those are the couples who come to mind when I think of mixing love and business.  But what about normal people like….well the rest of us?

I often think about what it takes to be a “power couple”.   How would the couple handle it?  Would success rip them apart?  Would it bring them closer?  How would they handle balancing love, success, family and business?

My initial thoughts:

  • We’re on the same team.  I think when disagreements arise, we have to remember that we’re on the same team, want the same things and have the same goals.  At the end of the day, we love each other and want success.  If we can work with that goal in mind then we’re unstoppable in love and business.
  • KISS – Keep It Separate Sweetheart – I actually agree with you here on second thought.  We should keep things separate so as to not let business matters litter our love lives.  Keeping the business matters to a certain time of the day and keeping our relationship/family time separate
  • Respect Each Other – At the end of the day treating the relationship – business and/or love – with respect will help us go a long way.
    • This means respecting and not disagreeing with each other in public because that can lead to problems
    • Honoring each other by truly listening, not running with what we hear – especially when we disagree
    • Trust – trust is incredibly important in a business relationship and to know that whatever you say or expect – you can trust your partner blindly. Also, there’s the ability to just be honest with each other. When you’re in business together, you need the ability to just say what you think while being respectful.
  • Divide and Conquer – Determine our roles and have a clear view of what each of our responsibilities are and we can rely on the other person because you know the other is working on their part. If we both try to do everything together it gets tiresome.  Dividing and conquering is critically important to accomplish so much more and really complement each other
  • Patience, Honesty, Compromise and Passion – We’re both passionate.  I think the key for us is to be flexible and honest and we learn HOW to work with each other.  Be ready to compromise, drop our egos, be patient and the adjustment will happen.  When that happens we get to our sweet spot like any other relationship.  We have to be able to listen, adapt and compromise.

Some articles I found online:

Becoming A Power Couple

  • A power couple  doesn’t  take “power trips” and waste time arguing about who is in control.
  • A power couple capitalizes off of each person’s strengths instead of focusing on each others’ weaknesses.
  • A power couple can produce and build something together””whether a business, a home, a community service project, etc.””that not only benefits them but helps others.
  • A power couple recognizes that they can do more, have more, and give more when they are working together as opposed to working individually.
  • A power couple is not intimidated by other power couples. In fact, a real power couple learns from others and seeks mentors to help them grow.
  • A power couple presents a united front as parents and refuses to allow the children to divide and conquer them.
  • A power couple makes a plan, works the plan, and revises the plan as needed so that the vision for the marriage is realized.
  • A power couple does the hard work necessary to work through marital problems and to learn from difficult circumstances.
  • A power couple believes they have the perfect spouse even though their spouse isn’t perfect.
  • A power couple serves as an example for other couples to learn how to be uniquely powerful in their marriages.
  • A power couple places God and family in the center of their lives and protects their faith and loved ones from negative influences.
  • A power couple recognizes that real power  doesn’t  reside in money, in careers, or in reputation. Real power resides in love.


6 Characteristics of a Power Couple

Power couples are in sync with each other. All of the power couples mentioned above support each other. Whether it is working on a film together or in Jay-Z & Beyonce’s case, performing on each other’s albums, power couples provide opportunities for their significant other to shine. Interestingly enough, many powerful couples worked in the same or similar industries and rather than competing, they combined their efforts.

Power couples have fun together. From weekly date nights to regular vacations, all power couples step away from their busy work lives to nurture their relationships. They understand the importance of nurturing each other in an intentional way.

Power couples mind their finances. It is not secret that financial problems lead many couples to destruction. Power couples have accumulated wealth and they are able to invest in the experiences and assets that they care about.

Power couples have excellent communication. They are able to verbalize their needs and to solve problems and concerns quickly. While my husband and I have fun during our weekly date night, we also use the time to “check in” and “clear the air.” We decided to go on a weekend getaway recently because we realized we were just too wrapped up in work commitments and needed some alone time.

Power couples stand the test of time. I am reminded of the lyrics to Alicia Keys song “Unbreakable.”

Power Couples do not earn that title until they first become powerful individuals. While they experience an intense love that radiates and resonates with the world, they also have projects or careers that they’re committed to. In other words, their life does not stop with their love. Their love is the fuel that keeps them sharing their other talents and gifts with the world.

Thoughts?  Can it work? What does it take to balance the two effectively?

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