A woman who doesn’t like me using a coupon on the first date isn’t the woman for me” – Anonymous single male

What are your thoughts on men who use coupons on first dates?  Are they cheap? Frugal?  Smart?  Would he get a second date?  Or would you write him off as a cheap @$$%$@!

Chances are if you’re a routine reader of personal finance blogs then you know that as a rule we support anyone in their pursuit to save money.  But there’s something about using a coupon on the first date that tends to rub even the most money conscious woman the wrong way.

Is he cheap?

Am I not worth paying full price?

Is he a miser?

Why would he pick our date to use a coupon?

These are all questions that go through the minds of the women I talked to about this topic.  It would seem that in this scenario, we tie our worth to how much he spends on us on the first date.  Well, here’s a reality check.

You probably aren’t the only one he’s dating and he has to find a way to subsidize his pursuit of Mrs Right.

If your date decides to use a coupon, don’t write him off.  Congratulate him on being a conscious spender, especially since this is your first date.

Connecting your worth to how much a man spends on your first date is setting yourself up for disappointment.  He hardly knows you and has to maintain his spending plan to pay the bills, date other women and meet his own financial goals.  While I believe in chivalry, I don’t believe in a guy going all out on the first date to the tune of breaking the bank.  I tend to think that women who expect this are looking for a sugar daddy and not a serious mate.

What do you think?  Would you give the guy a second chance if he used a coupon on your first date?


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