Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Finance #351-Women’s Personal Finance edition!   The first order of business is a shout out to the Women’s Money Week participants.  What is Women’s Money Week?

Women’s Money Week is about encouraging women to speak up about money, take control of our finances, and reshape our financial future. Women’s Money Week will run from March 5th-11th, 2012 on — coinciding with International Women’s Day.

Our goal is to reach a wide audience and provide answers and assistance to women just starting to take control of their finances, share knowledge and the know-how of women who already have a voice, and create a dialogue among women bloggers.

Shameless Plug:  Here’s my participating post on: Earn More Money By Negotiating Your Salary Upfront

Editor’s Picks

Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured – Thoughts on spouses and careers

Glen Craig from Free From Broke – Marginal Tax Rate VS Effective Tax Rate – What are They and How do They Affect You?,

PK from Don’t Quit Your Day Job…- President Obama Is a Bigger Tax Cutter Than George Bush

Philip from PT Money Personal Finance – Should I Consolidate My Student Loans?

Brandon Crombar from Shared Financial Success – How to be rich

Bob from Christian Personal Finance – How to use FreeCycle to Save Money And Reduce Clutter

eemusings from Musings of an Abstract Aucklander – Tom and Lynette, you’re breaking my heart

Peter from Bible Money Matters – Would You Invest a Portion of Your Emergency Fund

Boomer from Boomer & Echo – Finances From A To Z

FMF from Free Money Finance – Change the way you think

Grand Per Month from Grand Per Month – Should You Incorporate Your Side Income Stream

Kacie from Sense to Save – How to choose retirement investments for your portfolio

Amanda from My Dollar Plan – New Pension Plans and Changes to Current Retirement Plans

Miranda @ Financial Highway from Financial Highway – How to Improve Credit Score

Weakonomics – The Math Behind Oil’s Hold On The Economy


Other Submissions:

Money Management

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents Don’t Assume Things Stay The Same, and says, “There are many areas, finance in particular, where something may have been your best option at one point, but may no longer be. Keep tabs on things to ensure that the status quo is still working to your advantage. “

Jason from One Money Design presents How to Talk to Your Elderly Parents About their Finances, and says, “Talking to our elderly parents or grandparents about money is not necessarily easy. It is admitting to ourselves that they are not doing as well and may need some assistance down the road.

Sian Meades from TotallyMoney presents When should you switch banks, and says, “When you should and shouldn’t switch banks”

Janet from Credit, Eh presents 9 Great Money Management Web Sites and Quizzes, and says, “If you’re going to learn about money, you might as well make it fun. Here are 4 great money web sites, and 5 fun quizzes that can help you learn about money management.”

Matt Schulz from Taking Charge presents What Dr. Seuss can teach you about handling your money, and says, “Penned in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. He would have been 108 Friday.”

Steve from Brip Blap presents How to Take a Money Diet, and says, ” saving money is, at its core, like dieting. You try to deny yourself something in the present for the sake of future gain. With money, it’s saving now for security and independence in the future. So I thought about it and here are a few types of diets and the equivalent money-saving behavior.”

Michelle from Card Hub presents The Best Credit Cards for Every Stage of Life, and says, “The majority of us use or have used credit cards at some point in our lives. But, have we been using the right cards at the right stages of our lives to best manange our finances? Find out what the best cards for the different stages of life are!”

John from Passive Family Income presents The Mobile Wallet May Bring Discount Enticements, and says, “Mobile wallets, in case you have not heard of them, offer consumers the ability to pay for their purchases not with cash or their credit cards, but with their phones. Many consumers are embracing this new method of payment because they already carry their phones everywhere; being able to pay by phone will allow them to leave their cash and cards at home. “

John from Passive Family Income presents The Mobile Wallet May Bring Discount Enticements, and says, “Mobile wallets, in case you have not heard of them, offer consumers the ability to pay for their purchases not with cash or their credit cards, but with their phones. Many consumers are embracing this new method of payment because they already carry their phones everywhere; being able to pay by phone will allow them to leave their cash and cards at home. “

Evan from My Journey to Millions presents Why You Should Buy Life Insurance Regardless If You Have a Spouse and Kids, and says, “Everyone assumes that when you are able to start that family, when someone depends on your income, when you get that mortgage, etc., you’ll just go out and buy some life insurance. This isn’t always possible.”

Jake from I Am 1 Percent presents My 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes: Confessions of a 1 Percenter, and says, “These are the 7 biggest financial mistakes that I have made in my life that has cost me a total of $100k. I submit this article in the hopes that people can learn from my past mistakes and not repeat them.”


James Petzke from James Petzke: Graduating with a Surplus presents Libraries: The Dying Money Saver, and says, “Libraries may be dying in the minds of many youth, but they are a great free resource of information and entertainment that you should still take advantage of. “

Kennedi from Face and Fitness presents Make the Most of Your Old Phone, and says, “Can you sell your old cell phone, or should you throw it away? This post points to the answer.”

Sustainable PF from Sustainable Personal Finance presents The Beauty in Saving Your Skin and the Water Supply, and says, “I was truly committed to greening my skin care regimen without spending too much money! So I’ve been testing several products and have finally found some that really work for me”

FIRE Finance from FIRE Finance presents Smart Refrigeration Lowers Electricity Bill, and says, “Tips on smart refrigeration will help you to cut down your electricity bill …”

Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents Saving Money on Las Vegas, and says, “In just a couple weeks, I’m off to the bright lights of Las Vegas again. I’m quite looking forward to stuffing my face full of delicious food and even doing some gambling. Because I’m kind of cheap, I want to have fun but not break the bank doing so. Luckily, Las Vegas is filled with all sorts of ways to save cash.”

Colin Williams from humble savers presents Financial Lessons From The 1940s And 1950s, and says, “A snapshot of times gone by and how we can learn from them to better manage our money for today’s difficult economic conditions.”

David from Start Talking Cents presents Stop Buying Paper Towels – Save Money, Save the Earth, and says, “One of the easiest, quickest, and most eco-friendly ways to save money is to stop buying paper towels. Single-use paper towels are a waste of paper and money, and there is absolutely no reason at all to buy them anymore.”


Vicki from Tayne Your Debt presents “Deal of the Day” sites – Friend or Foe?, and says, “All blog posts are written by financial expert, debt resolution and bankruptcy avoidance attorney, Leslie H. Tayne. Blog is meant to be a portal for people to get free debt, budgeting, and finance advice from an expert! “

Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents How Much Do You Need To Retire?, and says, “How much should you save for retirement?”


Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Accumulating Dividend Stocks is a Long Term Process, and says, “It is important to have some valuation guidelines, before purchasing a dividend stock. This is to protect the investor in the very likely event that they “fall in love” with a stock and purchase it regardless of price. After all, purchasing a stock at inflated price levels might lead to sub-par returns for several years.”

Alejandro Garcia from Value Investing HQ presents How to Calculate Enterprise Value, and says, “As magic formula investors know, the meat of the magic formula is located in the Appendix section of The Little Book That Beats the Market. It is in the appendix section that Joel Greenblatt not only adjusts the magic formula, but also goes into detail about the numbers and ratios of the magic formula and how to implement it. One of the terms that comes up is Enterprise Value, which is needed to calculate a company’s earnings yield.”

Div Guy from The Dividend Guy Blog presents Performing Stocks, When It’s Time To Move On, and says, “Moving on from stocks.”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Does it Make Sense to Work Past 65?, and says, “Saving for retirement and working past 65.”

J.P. from Novel Investor presents An Under-Invested America: Is Conservative The New Norm?, and says, “Nobody has gotten rich earning less than 1% on their money. Yet eight times more money has been put into savings accounts than into stock and bond funds, since the market crash of ’08.”

SB from One Cent at a Time presents Where should I invest my money now, and says, “So you have some money to invest now? I was also in your situation and documented how I went about investing $10000 for short term.”

D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents 8 Dividend Stocks To Consider While Waiting on Apple to Pay Its First Dividend, and says, “It seems that many people are infatuated with the idea of Apple, Inc. (AAPL) paying a dividend. With more that $30 billion of cash and short-term investments sitting on the balance sheet, no long-term debt and generating $37 billion of free cash flow over the last 12 months, the company certainty could afford it. As an investor in Dividend Growth Stocks, should I really care if AAPL pays a dividend, or not?”
Mr. Money from Smart on Money presents Betterment Reviews User Feedback and Lowers Fees, Adds International Funds and IRA, and says, “Betterment announced that they would be lowering their fees across the board. While I was using the site before, with the new lower fees I can wholeheartedly recommend investing with Betterment for just about everyone – even more so than in the past.”


Karl from CultOfMoney presents Secrets of Fantasy Baseball that can help your finances, and says, “The secrets to a great fantasy baseball draft can help you draft a winning financial team. Balance power and speed, and make sure you don’t put too much money into a single position. Additionally, your financial team will hit injuries during the season so you’ll need to adapt on the fly.”

Jeffrey from Saving Advice presents 20 Changes I Made to Lose 100 Pounds and Save Money, and says, “It’s funny how it’s the little things that seem to make clear what you have known all along, but refused to acknowledge. On March 20, 2011 I bent down to tie a shoe lace that had come loose — and couldn’t. I literally stood there stunned. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoe. It was at that moment that I realized that I had to do something about my growing weight problem.”

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance presents Why I Don’t Balance My Checkbook, and says, “We have been told that we need to balance our checkbooks for decades. This common advice is given with the best intentions. We are told that by tracking our transactions, we are protecting ourselves from overdrafts and ensuring nothing unauthorized happens in our accounts. That is true, but there are better ways to do all of that.”

Dan Meyers from Your Life, Their Life presents Detailed Monthly Food Budget, and says, “Where does your food budget go each month? Check out these great statistics on the average American family’s food budget, thanks to the US Census Bureau.”


Martin from Studenomics presents How to Find a Freelance Writing Gig, and says, “We help you get a freelance writing gig.”


Scott from Mortgage 1A presents FHA Loan Requirements and Underwriting Guidelines 2012, and says, “FHA does not fund loans; they insure residential mortgages for FHA approved lenders in case a borrower defaults. This allows borrowers to qualify with lower interest rates and be subject to less strict underwriting guidelines.”

Bret from Hope to Prosper presents Problems Caused by Sudden Wealth, and says, “Evidently, the only thing worse than being broke is to suddenly become wealthy.”

jefferson from See Debt Run presents One at a Time, Zen Master, and says, “Trying too many life improvements at the same time can cause problems. If you are trying to improve your financial situation, you shouldn’t try other dramatic life changes simultaneously.”


Greg Linden from Debt Broke presents Credit Killer: Too many accounts with balances, and says, “”

Everything Finance from Everything Finance presents When Your Credit Score Really Isn’t Your Credit Score, and says, “Robert and Carrie were on the verge of fulfilling a ten year goal of buying their first home. Prior to meeting with a lender, they did their homework, gathered their documents, and ordered their credit reports. They were confused when the scores from each of the three credit bureaus differed so much. Yet all were over 700 with 720 being the highest, so they were confident they would be able to obtain the most favorable loan terms. Imagine their shock then, when the lender told them that their score was only 680 and would not qualify them for the lowest available rate.”

Mike from Rewards Cards Canada presents Annual Fee Credit Cards: When They Make Sense, and says, “Annual fee credit cards can make sense in some circumstances, whether you’re struggling to get out of debt or you’re trying to earn more rewards.”

Mike from Rewards Cards USA presents Create A Plan To Earn More Rewards Points, and says, “If you want more rewards points, you need to turn into a credit card super user. And if you want to avoid debt while becoming a credit card super user, you need to have a plan for your credit card spending.”


Flexo from Consumerism Commentary presents How to Invest in a Broadway Show, and says, “You can invest in a Broadway show with as little as $5,000… but it’s not without risk.”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents You Waste What Is The Most Precious, and says, “Are you guilty of wasting time?”

TTMK from Tie the Money Knot presents Analyzing How Much Money a Person Makes, and says, “Whether everyone wants to admit it or not, a prospective spouse’s financial situation can be a factor in making decisions on compatibility for some people. However, is it possible to get way ahead of things and overanalyze someone’s finances? “

Squirrelers from Squirrelers presents Want to Live Longer? Become Wealthier!, and says, “Does having more money help one living longer? Some might think no, but there’s evidence that it might. This post discusses th notion that money and longevity can be correlated.”

Suba from Wealth Informatics presents So you think you are smart? You might have invisible anchors making you dumb!, and says, “Anchoring in “sales” is pretty well know. But what are some other areas where we don’t think about the anchoring bias but fall for it anyway?”

Mike from Rewards Cards USA presents Create A Plan To Earn More Rewards Points, and says, “If you want more rewards points, you need to turn into a credit card super user. And if you want to avoid debt while becoming a credit card super user, you need to have a plan for your credit card spending.”

Sandy from Yes, I am Cheap presents Is Stealing Food For Your Family Okay?, and says, “Is it ever okay to steal? Is stealing food any different from stealing money out of the cash register? “

Odysseas from Wallet Blog presents No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Cards Are Back, But Are They Here to Stay?, and says, “No balance transfer fee credit cards-no longer a thing of the past. But can issuers make enough profit to continue to offer them in the future? As the Magic 8 Ball may say “Don’t Count on It!” Consumers may only have a limited window to take advantage of some new offers out there.”

Shaun from Money Cactus presents How to Use Twitter to Improve Your Finances, and says, “In this post I’m going to show you how to use twitter to get more information, better service and even discounts that will help to improve your personal finances.”

Young from Young and Thrfty presents What to do After Graduation from College or University, and says, “If you were lucky (or smart enough) to choose a career path that was in demand while you were going through post-secondary education, then congratulations, you’re transition into the working world will be made a whole lot easier. For those of us who chose to become “well-rounded” students and take courses of study that had a less-defined labour market the journey can be a little more interesting.”

Revanche from A Gai Shan Life presents The castle on the hill

Roshawn Watson from Watson Inc presents 10 Reasons To Seek Abundance, and says, “Sometimes it seems like the only reason people seek abundance is to lavish themselves with every luxury imaginable. Overall, I find that to be a very narrow and limiting perspective of abundance. Here are 10 reasons to seek abundance. “

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First, check out the Women's Money Week participants.  What is Women's Money Week? Women’s Money Week is about encouraging women to speak up about money, take control of our ...