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Chances are, if you’re graduating in 2008 from college or graduate school, you’re concerned about job prospects given the current state of the economy. I’d be scared too, with Citibank cutting 4900 jobs, the Bear Stearns bailout, and airlines closing their doors. I started to think, if I had the chance to do it all over again, would I have chosen my major, Counseling Psychology and Forensic Psychology? Sure would! I’ll tell you why.

One thing you might ask yourself regarding how to find a recession proof job: Where has there always been a need? Therein you’ll find your answer. But I’ll go ahead and list them for you:

1. Psychology/Counseling/Substance Abuse Treatment Sad as it is, this is an industry that hasn’t stopped growing even with recent economic down turns. Why? People will always have psychological problems and some turn to chemical dependency to manage the pain of whatever it is they are going through. I currently intern at a chemical dependency rehabilitation clinic and our waiting lists have grown since I started earlier this year. During and after treatment, the clients need counseling on how to stay on track and maintain their sobriety, there’s always a need in this profession.

2. Healthcare/Medicine This is easy, people are always sick and there’s an ever growing demand for those in the medical field. Physician Assistant is a great field for women seeking flexibility depending within this career field. The hours are often conducive to those seeking work life balance in their chosen career field.

3. Teaching Teaching the next generation is a rewarding field that is constantly in need of new talent and forward thinking visionaries. Unfortunately, the profession has yet to catch up in salary with its value. Still, this is a career that remains recession proof because the next generation will always need teachers.

4. Criminal Justice/Police/Security Your local county and/or city police department is hiring, at least most of them are in your immediate area at any given time. If being a police officer doesn’t suit you then consider homeland security jobs such as border security patrol or the Foreign Service Officer positions with the Federal Government.

5. Federal Government Unless the federal government packs up and moves to Iceland, they are always hiring, even now in a bad economy. My advice, break out the KSAs and start applying to as many jobs as you are qualified for. I know the application process can be a bear, but it is well worth it once you are on the other side. These jobs typically have good job security and unless you’ve breached security by divulging classified information you’ll more than likely always have a job.

6. State Government Much like the Federal government, your local city and state government is always hiring. The jobs available are pretty much similar to those in the private sector, but they come with more security. A bit less security than the federal government in my opinion because of more frequent changes in administration, but still more secure than a private sector company that would be more susceptible to layoffs.

7. Computers/Information Technology/Web Development Jobs in information technology are always in demand, especially as we grow and advance in our knowledge, innovation and application. Web development is another sub field within this category that is growing in leaps and bounds as we begin to find new ways to utilize the world wide web.

8. Energy/Gas This field is the bane of my existence since I don’t see any of the money they make and I keep giving them more and more of mine but for a new graduate? Gold. With the demand for alternative fuel and the boom with anything related to oil and gas, this is an industry not likely to see job losses any time soon.

Career Fields To Avoid Right Now
: Yahoo HotJobs notes to be wary of the the following industries:

…anything related to housing, from real estate to investment banks, to engineering and architecture….the housing slump could even extend to industries dependent on discretionary spending, like restaurants and retail…Manufacturing, too, long in dire need of an upswing, is likely to keep waiting for one through 2008.

Take heed and choose wisely. If you happen to be in a field that isn’t doing well, you can always start over in a field that is always in demand. This is key to maintaining your cool even in hard times such as now, you’ll know that there’s always a need for your skills and you’ll always have a job.

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