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Hi, I'm Ginger
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Don't mind me, just my mild obsession with the discounted scented 
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My name is Ginger and my mission is to position entrepreneurial women to break financial ceilings using passive income.

I founded Girls Just Wanna Have Funds in 2003 because I wanted to help women create more income,  freedom and impact so they can secure their financial futures without sacrificing time with their families.

I watched my mother hold it down for the household after my father passed away because she saved furiously for a rainy day.  I was inspired by her (read: her fan girl) and wanted to help other women land on their own two feet should the unthinkable happen.

My own financial history lit the match that continues to fire my passion for women owning their money story. 
Because I’ve been the clueless 20 something who knew nothing about money and I’ve been the woman who landed on her financial feet after leaving an abusive marriage. 

Featured in Elle magazine as their money coach of the month, Forbes, MSNBC, Teen Vogue and Esquire and others I am known for my commitment to this area of women’s financial empowerment.

If I can do it, then I have all the faith that you can do it too. And I will be there with you every step along the way!
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The Golden Age For Women’s Financial Freedom Has Begun
As the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, our businesses exploded by 74% between 1997 and 2015.  
Even the IRS agrees that business income has the highest potential to generate wealth vs a salary.
What are you doing to ensure freedom, financial security and generational wealth for your children?
How Would It Feel To...
  •  …create passive income so that you can break the paycheck to paycheck cycle
  •  …grow a fat savings account and take a vacation without breaking your wallet
  •  ...Make necessary repairs in your home or afford a new car without the stress and guilt of whether you can afford it
  •  … have enough f*ck you money for life’s curve calls
  • ...and finally pay off Sallie Mae never to hear from her again
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Post 3x A Day On Facebook They Said.  Tweet 6x A Day They Said.

Everyday you tweet, create podcasts, blog and post on Instagram hoping to build a presence that results in more revenue for you and your business.  For years you've been told that you have to work your @$$ off on social media to be noticed but the reality is you want funds not followers.  Likes don't pay bills and you need a strategy to build a business that makes the time you spend building it, worth it.

Your followers may like you. Even share your content. But it doesn't mean they trust you enough to open their wallet.  

Two of the most important things you'll do with a sales funnel is to: 1. build trust by showing your audience that you can solve their problem and 2. sift through the tire kickers so that you can get laser focused on creating buyers not followers.

Start by solving a problem for your audience with a freebie that solves a common problem for them, (1st date) while nurturing the relationship to the final destination (marriage) which solves 80-100% of their problems. 

Your sales funnel facilitates and automates this process for you as it allows you and your customer to get to know each other before getting married = buying your stuff.  And buying your stuff = $$$$$. Automatically. While you sleep. While you shop. While you spend time with your family and continue to work on other aspects of your business.

You're leaving money on the table by not having one.
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